Bad credit? No problem

Bad credit? No problem

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Even if you have a bankruptcy or repo, we make it happen

If you’re like many buyers we serve, you’ve already been turned away by other dealers because of bad credit — or lack of credit history. But, don’t worry. Here at Northwest Rides, we have the programs and experience to get you the financing you need. At a monthly payment you can afford.

Maybe you’ve been told you don’t meet all the requirements for a loan. Maybe there’s a late payment or collection on your record. Or you have less than 6 months job history.

Our expert team is ready to help you repair or establish your credit by financing a vehicle. In most cases, a higher down payment is all it takes to secure your loan.

Don’t let bad credit stand in your way

Follow these 4 simple steps:


Get pre-approved here for a car loan. Fill out our free, easy, secure online credit application. It only takes a few minutes. And once it’s done, voilà! Our specialists will be in touch with your financing options.


Find out almost exactly what your monthly payment will be using our real-world car payment calculator . This tool shows you immediately how much money you’ll have left over every month after paying for your car and other expenses.


Check out our wide selection of pre-owned vehicles under $10,000 . They’re not just affordable — they look great, too. Our inventory manager has an expert’s eye for cool, unique vehicles in every price range.


Drive off happy!

Have a question? We’re here to help! Speak to a friendly rep now at 360-813-3516. Or text us at 360-900-1268.