No credit history? No problem!

No credit history? No problem!

woman driving a car

We make it super easy for first-time buyers

We make it super easy for first-time buyers

Buying your first car doesn’t have to be stressful! Whether you’re a student. New to the states. Active or former military. Or just never had a loan in your name — we smooth out the whole process, and get you behind the wheel of an affordable car ASAP.

Here’s what you do:

Start the ball rolling

Simply get pre-approved here and find out how much car you can comfortably afford. Fill out our secure online credit application. Once you’re contacted with a pre-approval, congrats! You’ll see which cars you can afford based on your specific budget picture.

Find out your monthly payment

Our highly-detailed car payment calculator shows you almost exactly what your monthly payment will be. This way, you’ll know in advance how much money you’ll have left over every month after paying for your car and other living expenses.

Pick your vehicle

Check out our wide selection of cool pre-owned vehicles under $10,000. It’s easy to find a car that fits really comfortably into your budget — and looks great, too.

See? No stress!

And don’t worry about having to navigate loan financing on your own. Northwest Rides does it all on your behalf. We’re a certified CUDL dealer. That means, we can do auto loans for existing members of nearly every credit union in Washington State, including Peninsula Credit Union, Sound Credit Union, WSCU, and others. Don’t settle for a BECU dealer! Our lenders’ first-time buyer programs are the best.

Have a question? We’re here to help! Speak to a friendly rep now at 360-813-3516. Or text us at 360-900-1268.